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4Pcs Resistance Bands Ankle Straps

4Pcs Resistance Bands Ankle Straps Double D-ring Adjustable Ankle Guard Strap Fitness Gym Equipment Leg Training Elastic Bands


1.This is D-Ring Ankle Strap with Resistance Bands Provides long lasting durability.

2.Made with cotton pad for optimal comfort and support.

For the legs, hips, thighs, strength training, etc.

3.Standard size which fits all.


Door Anchor: 3.8*28.5cm ,

Resistance Bands: 75cm, 35 pounds power.

D-Ring Ankle Strap: 50cm

Color: Blue, Pink, Black, Purple

Package Content:

1* Door Anchor, 1*Resistance Bands, 1*D-Ring Ankle Strap


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