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Electric Facial Cleanser


Power supply: dry battery

Size: 15.1 * 4.05 * 3.45cm

Type: face brush

Manufacturing process: mechanical manufacturing

Function: Cleansing

Function: vibration massage

Function: Rejuvenation

Standard voltage: 110V (not included)-220V (not included)

Power supply: One DC3V CR-2032 (included)


Universal face-lifting beauty tools, facial massager deep cleaning instrument, skin care tools.

High-frequency vibration massage shrinks pores and strengthens firm and loose skin tissue.

Activate beautiful wrists and enhance skin elasticity.

Deeply cleanses skin, tightens skin, anti-wrinkles, smooths fine lines and improves complexion.

Lighting function:

Red light is used to expel dirt and oil from the skin. Wash your face directly after use.

Green light is used for imported creams and lotions. The lotion and cream should be patted or pressed gently on the skin. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

how to use:

1. Apply proper serum or mask on the face after cleaning.

2. Install the battery in the device and close the battery cover.

3. Open the device, hold the conductive metal strip, and then move the introduction head to the face

4. Operate as shown, repeat 3 times for each operation. 10 minutes is best.

 Package Included:

1 x iontophoresis device


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